Reference Sire: Mr Dunit Buttermilk

2011 Buckskin Stallion

“Happy Feet” came to us in a big package when we bought his dam. He has been raised on the ranch. We were happy with him as a colt and he showed a lot of talent, so we kept him for a sire. So far, we are quite pleased with that decision. Happy Feet has been ridden by Michael Vipham and Cowboy. He is another really useful horse in our ranch world. This horse has been exposed to all ranch work including working cattle, roping, and a circle horse. He has been great at all of those jobs and he comes by his ranch name honestly! Our main purpose for him, though, is to further enhance our breeding program. You get a sneak preview of what’s to come with one of his two-year-olds in this sale. He isn’t a real big horse, but he doesn’t know that, and makes up for it with his great mind and equally great disposition.

Sharon Rhoads

Tuscarora, NV